Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Kickstart It?

Geonarrative Kickstarter Campaign

1.  One lovely thing about geocaching and by extension Geonarrative is the sense of community that's engendered.  When one finds a cache, one signs a log, takes a little treasure, leaves a little treasure for the next seeker. 

2.  When I was younger, I used to leave little notes --story scraps, messages to the future -- tucked into the pages of library books for the next reader to find.  Hello, unknown reader, I would scribble on an index card.  Don't you love page 47?   

3.  With a geonarrative, you have the chance to add to the reading experience, interact with other readers.  You can leave them a token, leave them a note.  This text has wide margins in which you can write, and you will know that many others will read your marginalia.

4.  Built into the Kickstarter campaign is the notion the impulse to build community -- to thread communities with stories, to lace together readers and writers and region.

5.  Also built into the Kickstarter campaign is the possibility for real author-reader interaction -- the names of participants built into narratives, sometimes narratives tailored to the participant, the line between character and reader smudged.  

6.  Geonarratives work to interrogate the gap between the space we inhabit and the story-space we explore.  This Kickstarter campaign allows for this to happen in perhaps a very direct manner.

7.  Because everything we write and read should be all or nothing, shouldn't it?  Let's go all in for each other just this once, okay?


  1. Like, like, LIKE!! Epecially #2 - you were doing GeoNarrative (my preferred style for your fabulous idea... although I didn't see a poll, so disregard if you like) way back then, anonymously and organically.

  2. I kind of like GeoNarrative, too. Hmmm! Thanks for all the liking!