Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why Kickstart It?, Part II

Because it builds community. Because it's fun.  Because your name in lights!  Because the following people are now forever part of something a little larger than themselves (and this is why I have loved participating in other Kickstarter projects!):

Leigh Ann Roripaugh
Kevin Eagan
Kevin McKelvey
Shelley Wade
Nicole and Steve Klein (postcard participants!)
Martha W. Johnson
Michelle Sanford
Tim Parrish
John Pendergast and Pam Garvey (boosted the Project to 100%!)
Denise Clamors (future postcard participant!)
Beth Lehnerer Davis (postcard participant!)
Ashley Luster (postcard participant!)

Cyber Monday cyberpocalypse collaborative story particpants:
Robert Rohe (boosted to 75%)
Linda Markowitz and Mark Hedley
"Jeff" (no last name recorded)
Rachel Pease
Joel Hardman

Valerie Vogrin (boosted to 70%)
Kristine Hildebrandt
Bradley D. Hazelrigg
Gloria Jenkins

Black Friday Immortal Thanks participants:
Adam Smith (boosted past 60%)
Lessie G. Starr ( 1st postcard participant!)
Jason Braun
Abby Souza
Tom Spalding (boosted past 50%)
Bob and Georgia Zaiser
Sheila Squillante
James Goltz

Shane Holmes
Colleen Tully
Jason Davis
Sharon James McGee
Kathleen Finneran (will have a character named after her in the first narrative!)
Action Box Productions
June and Paul Schmidt (will have characters named after them in first narrative!)
Lainee Frizzo
Lisa Hartleib Spicer
Sequoia Nagamatsu (first!)

Because your name could be added to the top of that list.  Because it's fun.  Because you're part of something now, baby.  Because communities flare up in odd places in odd ways and who knows how they will sustain you, but they will.  Because when we reach out to something unusual, we become a little bit more human.  You're part of something now.