Saturday, November 17, 2012

What is Geonarrative?

Geonarrative is a new way to put stories out into the world, an experiment in "publishing" that also pokes and tugs at form and the reading experience.  It combines the art of storytelling with geocaching technology.

Geocaching is a supercool high-tech treasure hunt.  Geocachers download a geocaching app to their electronic device, which gives them a longitude and a latitude for a hidden cache, plus clues to locate that cache.  Caches can be anything -- boxes, tubes, other weather-proofed containers that hold surprises and logs, so that searchers can record their discovery.  

I plan to write stories or essays that are broken apart and hidden and can be discovered by anyone who's interested in geocaching.  The first piece I plan to install will be a story in 7 self-contained fragments, so that they can be read in any order.  I'll install them in a walkable distance from each other around the LeClaire historic district in Edwardsville, IL.  Once all the fragments are read, a larger narrative will emerge.

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