Friday, September 26, 2014

Rest Area

A new Geonarrative has been installed.  In three parts, "Rest Area" is a flash fiction that unfolds along I-70 and I-29:

Part One:  Lat. 38.829193. Long. -91.05007

Part Two:  38.994460, -93.586185

Part Three:  41.500821, -95.903094

Road trip, anyone?


  1. Dear Geoff,
    I've found your blog searching for writers hiding literature in geocaches. I've just been introduced to geocaching and am enjoying imagining the possibilities for writers. How is it going? Is anyone else out there doing this? Do your installments include any means for readers to give feedback?

  2. Hi, Anne. I think I just lost my last reply to your nice note. Glad you found the blog! I'm thinking through an app to help facilitate the kind of feedback and communication you suggest, and to make locating clues easier. App developers, please feel free to get in touch for an exciting possibility! I don't know of anyone else out there doing Geonarrative, but I'd love to hear from anyone who is!

  3. Thanks for answering! I'm certainly no app developer, but I am fascinated to learn about trackable items in caches that request the finder to catalogue them by means of a tracking code when found. While they usually include instructions to move them from place to place, yours could include its own instructions; the main point is that there would be a log of who found it and an interface with readers. There seems to be a fair share of interactive fiction, like the kind you'd find on a video game, but besides this project, I have not found any other literature that exists for its own sake.

  4. I initially wanted to post stories using, but they had pretty stringent restrictions on written permissions to hide in locations, and the City of Edwardsville and Madison County don't allow people to hide caches on public land. So I'm going to go the app route, but it's been slow. I love non-commercial fictions, and ephemera, and am happy to put a little bit of it out into the world. One of my favorites is here: