Saturday, April 20, 2013

Son of Geonarrative

Where the heck is my Geonarrative?, I hear you thinking.  Indeed!, we here at Geonarrative Headquarters exclaim!  Also, fasten your seatbelts!  Geonarrative ahoy.

Also, note to self, do not be disingenuous on official Geonarrative Project Blog.  So:

During a particularly dysthymic winter, I struggled with a particular writing problem.  The first drafts of the first story I had in mind had to do with several characters in a particularly adult, post-divorce love triangle.  There was a specifically sexual dynamic to the triangle, and some of it as written was a little bit explicit.  

Normally, I wouldn't think twice about publishing a story with explicit sexual scenes.  I'd send it to a literary magazine, knowing that magazine would have an adult audience well-versed in reading literary fiction that might need to explore particularly sexual relationships on the page.

But one of the Kickstarter backers asked me if she could take her daughter on a geocache hunt for the story, and I realized immediately that I was making a narrative that anyone with a GPS device could and would access.  My sense of audience shifted rather radically.

And once I started writing for an all-ages, open-access audience, the content changed, and once the content started to move around, my conception of the narrative as a whole shifted around.  And then I started thinking about teh ways that Geonarrative as a medium could and should shape the narrative, and the story changed again.

So.  It's warm again.  My dysthymia seems to have abated.  There's a new narrative almost done.  Tomorrow, I'll give a sneak preview to the backers of one of the pieces I'll be installing.  And in the next week or two, with a camera-person by my side, I'll record the installation of the first piece, and the Zombie-Proof Thank You.  Welcome back.  Geonarrative is greenlit once again.

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